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The American Society of Animal Naturopathy is one of the only educational organizations offering cutting-edge classes on how to improve your animal's health through proper nutrition, homeopathy, aromatherapy, herbal medicine and other natural methods. Unlike some groups offering similar classes, ASAN does not promote any one naturopathic modality over another. ASAN instead promotes an understanding of all different types of naturopathic health care, endorsing none, leaving it up to the student to form their own opinion. Through distance education/home study you can earn a Certification of Completion and be eligible for Board Certification. Whether you're thinking about becoming a Holistic Health Educator for Animals or you'd just like to help your own pets, these relevant and interesting courses are fun, easy to learn, convenient and affordable. Completion of two programs of study allows graduates to become a Board Certified Educator of Holistic Health for Animals.

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Course Programs


Blue Book


The American Society of Animal Naturopathy offers the following holistic health programs for animals:

  • Program 1: Holistic Health Care for Animals Programing costs: $850.00
  • Program 2: Canine Nutrition -------------Programing costs: $587.50
  • Program 3: Canine Reproduction -------Programing costs: $587.50

All course materals and books are included in the cost of each program.

    The above programs are fully refundable minus a 10% processing fee if all books and course materals are returned within 30 days with emailed notification that the student is canceling the course.


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    Equine Classes


Course Certificates

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The American Society of Animal Naturopathy offers individual course certificates. All courses offered in our holistic health programs are offered as individual courses.

1. Overview: Natural Health for Dogs & Cats: Course Price: $125.00

2. Aromatherapy for Dogs & Cats: Course Price: $125.00

3. Essential Homeopathy for Pets: Course Price: $125.00

4. Introduction to Herbal Therapy for Animals: $125.00

5. Basic First Aid for Pets: $125.00

6. Touch Modalities-Acupressure and Massage for Cats & Dogs: $125.00

7. Canine Digestive Anatomy: $212.50

8. Comparison of Canine Dietary Choices: $212.50

9. Canine nutrition: $212.50

10. Canine Reproductive Anatomy: $212.50

11. Care of the Stud Dog: $212.50

12. Whelping $212.50

Program 4:Classical Homeopathy for Animals

Price $850.00

This program includes the following courses:

1. Introduction to Homeopathy

2. The Materia Medica

3. Homeopathic Case Taking

4. Homeopathic Subscribing

5. Using Homeopathic Nosodes


Program 1: Holistic Health Care for Animals Price: $850.00

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This program includes the following courses:

1. Overview: Natural Health for Dogs & Cats

2. Aromatherapy for Dogs & Cats

3. Essential Homeopathy for Pets

4. Introduction to Herbal Therapy for Animals

5. Basic First Aid for Pets

6. Touch Modalities-Acupressure and Massage for Cats & Dogs

Program 2: Canine Nutrition

Price $587.50


This program includes the following courses:

1. Canine Digestive Anatomy

2. Comparison of Canine Dietary Choices

3. Canine nutrition

Program 3: Canine Reproduction

Price $587.50

Chinese Crested Puppy

This program includes the following courses:

1. Canine Reproductive Anatomy

2. Care of the Stud Dog

3. Whelping

Homeopathic Program


This course is an in depth study of Classical Homeopathy as it relates to animals. There is one textbook provided for this program, the "New World Veterinary Repertory," by Dr. Richard Pitcairn along with a number of in depth articles. This course will provide a through foundation for learning the principles behind the practice of homeopathy for animals. These course credits are eligible to be transferred to ASAN accredited schools.

Introduction to Homeopathy

This course teaches the history and principles of naturopathy, introducing the student to the teachings of Hahnemann as described in The Organon. Learn how remedies are developed, proven, and created. Learn how they can be used in the treatment of animals.


Homeopathic Materia Medica

This course introduces the student to the homeopathic materia medica. Learn how to use the materia medica, how to develop a system of study of the differing medicines listed and how to apply the information to animals.

*There are a number of homeopathic materia medica. This course will help you choose the best for your personal uses. 

Homeopathic Animal Case Taking

Learn how to apply the principle of case taking to animals. This course helps the student understand various how to use observation, perception, and history-taking to choose the correct remedy.


Homeopathic Prescribing

Learn the art of prescribing of homeopathic prescribing. Learn the difference between acute and chronic proscribing. Learn not only how to proscribe the right remedy but the correct potency.




















Using Homeopathic Nosodes

Learn how and when nosodes should be described. Learn how the medications are developed and if they are a safe alternatives for vaccination.


















Certificate Classes




Overview: Natural Health for Dogs & Cats: Course Price: $125.00 cats and dog

In this course we will learn about commercial pet food and their effects, pet food you can make at home, and natural health care including homeopathy, herbs and other methods for common ailments.

Aromatherapy for Dogs & Cats: Course Price: $125.00 dog and flowers

Learn how to help your dog or cat with behavioral and physical problems through the usage of flower and plant essences.


Essential Homeopathy for Pets: Course Price: $125.00Poms

We will cover how to use natural remedies to treat common, acute and chronic problems such as digestive complaints, skin problems (including flea irritation), respiratory disorders, urinary problems, mouth, teeth and gum issues, ear pain, muscular and skeletal ailments, injuries and traumas, psychological and behavioral problems and more.


Introduction to Herbal Therapy for Animals: $125.00Scottish Fold

Here you will learn step by step instructions on how to find and prepare herbs that can help with common ailments affecting your pet.

Not Ready to Complete a Whole Program, ASAN Offers individual Course Certificates

That Can Later Be Applied to Our Programs-----


Basic First Aid for Pets: $125.00firstaid

In this vital course, we will learn what you can do when you have an emergency with your pet. We will cover wound care, making splints and CPR. We will also discuss which OTC drugs can hurt your pet and which ones you should have in your animal's medicine chest.

Touch Modalities-Acupressure and Massage for Cats & Dogs Overview: $125.00 massage

Learn through gentle touch how to help your cat or dog experiencing pain, stress and other problems.

T-Touch for Canines: $212.50firstaid

This is a in depth course explaining the history, techniques, and benefits of the Tellington Touch for Canines

Canine Massage: $212.50 massage

Learn differing massage techniques. basics of canine anatomy and kinesiology, massage movements, pressures, techniques and systems; routines designed to address specific health problems; stretching and hydrotherapy techniques.

















All Completed Credits are Transferable to ASAN Accredited Schools such as Kingdom College of Natural Health-- Take the Leap, Begin your Education Today---


Canine Digestive Anatomy: $212.50Labador

Learn how the canine digestive system works. This course will cover the evolution of the domestic dog and how living with man has altered the dog's digestive system. This course also covers how domestic dogs differ from wild canine in this digestive development.

Comparison of Canine Dietary Choices: $212.50 Dog Lying Down

This course explores how domestic canines are fed today. It looks at the differing ideas of canine nutrition such as processed dog food, raw meaty bones, vegetarian, and home make diets. Learn why each diet is touted as the best and how to chose a diet which is compatible with each individual animal.

Canine nutrition: $212.50dog with a bone

Learn how diet affects health and temperament. Learn canine nutritional requirements and role of specific nutrients such as fat, protein, vitamins, minerals and electrolytes play in the overall health of the dog. Learn how to evaluate how well an animal is performing on a specific diet and what changes will improve overall health.

Canine Cancer: A Holistic Approach: $212.50dog with a bone

Learn the holistic approach to treating and preventing cancer. Learn about the importance of antioxidants, herbal preparations, homeopathic remedies, raw food, glandular supplements, and acupuncture in the treatment of canine cancer.




















Begin your Holistic Educational Experience Today---Earn your Program Degree One Class at a Time----- ASAN, Preparing you for your future Today!


Canine Reproductive Anatomy: $212.50

German Shepherd

Learn how the male and female reproductive systems function. Course includes learning male and female reproductive anatomy.

Care of the Stud Dog: $212.50

Chinese Crested

Understand the reproductive life of the male dog. This course covers not only how male dogs reproductive but health issues that affect reproduction in the male dog and offers alternative holistic answers for these issues.


Whelping $212.50


This courses explores how puppies are produced from the moment of conception until birth. The information includes care of the brood bitch as well as neonatal care.



Tuition for all programs includes books, fees, shipping and Certification of Completion diploma (for US, US Territory-only). Residents outside the US must purchase books separately. Tuition may be paid by credit card through paypal or by check. Checks must clear bank before course materials are shipped. If you wish to pay in installments contact us for more information, info@animalnaturalhealth.org All payments are process through La'Nae Enterprises, an independent consulting firm.

Students who have graduated from ASAN Accredited Schools may take the classes listed below at half tuition prices. (This does not include books.)

All classes listed are available to the public. Classes may be taken individually. Credits for these classes are transferable to all ASAN Accredited Schools for those students who wish to further their education.




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